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SPS_2013_-_Can_a_pro-seizures_effect_be_predicted.pngCan a pro-seizures effect be predicted?
Evaluation of two technological approaches in hippocampal slices

Seizures and convulsions represent severe adverse events limiting the clinical progression of novel drugs. For this reason,
seizure liability should be discharged early in Drug Development. In vitro assays are, therefore, required to predict seizure/convulsive potential risk of new chemical entities. A number of studies have demonstrated that hippocampal slices represent a predictable in vitro model to detect effects of compounds associated with seizure induction in man. Although it cannot be excluded that compounds could elicit seizures via mechanisms or targets not located in the
hippocampus, we believe that hippocampal slices in vitro model has not yet been fully exploited.

The objective of the current study is to compare two different technological approaches (single electrode and high density micro electrode arrays) applied on pharmacologically treated hippocampal slices to assess if and how sensitivity and specificity of the model can be improved so that predictability can increase.



Annarosa Ugolini1, Alessandro Maccione2, Mauro Gandolfo3, Mauro Corsi1, Caterina Virginio1

1Aptuit Center for Drug Discovery & Development, Preclinical Biosciences, Verona, Italy; 2Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, NBT-Ntech, Genova, Italy; 33Brain GmbH, Landquart, Switzerland